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Tungsten Smart-Heat™ Gas

Durability meets power. The award-winning Tungsten Smart-Heat™ Gas heater series combines high-performance stainless-steel construction with market-leading, directional heating. Available in matte black in both natural gas and propane fuel sources, with two power output levels and a selection of ceiling and wall mounting options.

Tungsten Smart-Heat™ Gas


Turn up the heat with the Bromic Tungsten Smart-Heat™ Gas Series. This powerful radiant heater can quickly heat up outdoor areas of up to 215ft2 , providing a comfortable, warming red glow all year around. With its stylish matte black design and exceptional wind resistance of up to 8mph, this heater will keep you and your guests warm at any time of the year. Chose between 26,000 BTU and 43,000 BTU heating power and natural gas or propane (LPG) options.

For low clearance areas, we recommend a heat deflector to protect the mounting surface. This accessory will also provide improved weather resistance and a more directional heat output.


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Features & Benefits

Built in an industrial design style with premium stainless-steel construction, the Tungsten Gas heater provides market-leading heat distribution to large outdoor spaces.

Outdoor Gas Heater
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    Patented Performance

    Superior wind resistance (up to 8mph), thanks to Bromic’s patented screen and ionization probe technology.

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    Ultra-Durable Design

    Matte black stainless-steel body for reliable heating performance and durability.

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    High Performance Mesh Screen

    Maximize performance and deliver a superior spread of heat with the unique honeycomb mesh screen.

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    Pivot Arm Bracket

    For greater directional control of the heater (rotates 25 degrees on each side), making it easy to adjust the flow of heat, so radiant heat is delivered where it’s needed.

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    Mutliple Installation Options

    A versatile range of ceiling and wall mounting options makes it easy to reclaim valuable floor space.

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    Enhanced Safety Features

    An integrated “Flame Failure Safety Shut-off Control” turns the heater off immediately should it not re-ignite for any reason

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    Set and forget

    Simple and easy to use, with smart system compatibility and automated re-ignition.

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    Patented Direct Ignition System

    Instantaneous ignition, whenever you require it, without the need for a pilot light.

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    Environmental Efficiency

    Slow-release ceramic burners are supremely efficient and the most environmentally-friendly gas-fired heating method available.

Product Resources

Discover everything you need to know about the Tungsten Gas heater series, from heat blooms and mounting options to detailed specifications and FAQs.


Please reference the specification guide below to help you select the correct solution for your needs.

OUTPUT 26,000 BTU 43,000 BTU
MODEL # BH0210001-1 (NG)
BH0210002-1 (LPG)
BH0210003-1 (NG)
BH0210004-1 (LPG)
HEAT AREA 160ft2 215ft2



Heat Blooms

Mounting Options

The heater can be wall mounted or hung from the ceiling (with optional Ceiling Post Mount). The optimum height is 8 feet from the floor to the bottom of the heater. If the distance above the heater is less than 42 inches or if the heater will be open to the elements, a heat deflector is recommended.



Installation must be carried out by a licensed and authorized technician in accordance with local building codes. Please refer to our installation manual for further details.




BIM & CAD Files

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Is the output of the heater adjustable?

Our gas heaters are on/off only. If you’re looking for a dimmable option, the we would recommend our Bromic electric heaters, which allow for more precise control over the heat output.

How do I control the heater?

We recommend adding the Bromic On/Off controller and wireless remote, so the heater can be turned off and on from the comfort of your home. Alternatively, the heater can also be controlled via a standard wall switch.

Can this heater be connected to a smart home or building automation system?

Yes, the heater can be connected to smart home and building technology, provided the system has been fitted with a RS232 port. For this, you require our On/Off Controller and our Bromic Smart-Heat Link RS232 plugin.

Could this be installed indoors, assuming all clearances are met?

No. All Bromic Gas Heaters are intended for outdoor use. In a four sided area of installation, at least 25% of the wall area must be open, and 30% of the remaining walls must be open.

Natural gas vs. propane: which is better?

The choice between a natural gas and electric outdoor heating depends on your specific needs and accessibility to fuel source. Not sure how to select which option is right for your space? View our Comparative Fuel Guide.

Do Tungsten gas heaters need ventilation?

Bromic’s Tungsten Gas heater does require ventilation as potentially harmful biproducts are released in the air. Please refer to the corresponding Installation Manual to ensure proper clearances are met for safe operation.

How hot do Tungsten gas heaters get?

Bromic’s Tungsten gas heaters are one of the highest performing outdoor heaters on the market, heating areas from 160ft2 to 215ft2 when mounted at the recommended height.

How many Tungsten gas heaters do I need?

The number of Tungsten gas heaters needed depends entirely on the size and layout of the space, as well as the size and wattage of the heaters you are installing. Let our heating experts create the perfect heat layout of your space by utilizing our Complimentary Design Service.

Are Tungsten gas heaters weather resistant?

Yes, Bromic’s Tungsten Collection of outdoor heaters are designed to be weather resistant. Constructed from 304-grade stainless steel, this gas-powered outdoor heater is IP certified for outdoor use, making them durable and reliable, even in various weather conditions. It is important to install these heaters under coverings to protect from the elements and conduct regular maintenance for longevity of use.

Can you leave Tungsten gas heaters on all night?

While Bromic’s Tungsten Collection heaters, including their Tungsten Gas outside heater, are designed for extended outdoor use, it is generally not recommended to leave any outdoor heater on overnight for safety reasons. We recommend turning off the Platinum heaters, including the ceramic heater for outside, when not in use and following the installation manuals for safe operation and maintenance. Afraid you will forget? Check out Bromic’s control options for added piece of mind.

How durable are Tungsten gas heaters?

Tungsten heaters are the best outdoor gas heater, renowned for their durability and robust construction. They are built to withstand the rigors of outdoor use, including exposure to varying weather conditions, and are engineered to provide long-lasting performance. Regular maintenance and proper care, such as cleaning and covering when not in use, can further extend their lifespan.

Are Bromic Tungsten heaters good?

Bromic’s Tungsten heaters set the industry standard for outdoor heating as they are constructed of premium 304-grade stainless steel, and they project high-performance radiant heat.

Can Bromic Tungsten heaters be used in an enclosed space?

Bromic’s Tungsten Gas heater requires ventilation as potentially harmful biproducts are released in the air when turned on. Please refer to the corresponding Installation Manual to ensure proper clearances are met for safe operation.

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