Gas Heater Pole Mounted above Bar

Gas Mounting Poles

Gas Mounting Poles


Bromic Gas Mounting Poles ensure that your gas heater will be suspended at just the right height (between 8′ and 9′), so it delivers the optimum amount of heat. Suitable for both our Tungsten and Platinum Gas Collections, the poles come in six different sizes to suit a variety of ceiling heights.

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Can I use these poles for both the Tungsten and the Platinum Gas Heaters?

Yes, our gas mounting poles are suitable for both our Platinum and Tungsten Gas Collections.

How do I know what's the right pole length for my space?

In order to determine the ceiling pole length, just add the length of the pole to the overall heater and bracket height (16.6”) then subtract the distance from floor to ceiling or beam where the pole will be mounted. This will give you the distance from the bottom of the heater to the floor which we recommend being between 8′ and 9′ (optimum effective height) from the floor. Please make sure your installer follows clearances as detailed in the installation guide. For further advice on which product is right for your space, please contact our friendly design team.

Can the poles be installed at an angle?

No. Ceiling poles must drop down straight and not mounted so the pole is on an angle. The adjustment at pole mounting point is only meant to adjust to a pitched ceiling so that the pole can still drop down 100% vertically.