Outdoor Heaters

Bromic outdoor heaters are recognized all over the world for superior design and performance. Every Bromic outdoor heater is constructed from premium materials to deliver outdoor heating products that provide the perfect balance of performance, reliability and beauty. Available in gas, electric, and portable models, there’s a suitable option for every environment. 


Discover Bromic’s exceptional outdoor heater collections, each thoughtfully curated with unique design styles, ensuring there’s a perfect match for any aesthetic preference.

Bromic’s Eclipse Electric Outdoor Heaters Ceiling Mounted with the Included 24” Twin Pole


Available in seven unique mounting options, including portable, the Eclipse Collection adds style, warmth and light, illuminating luxury outdoor spaces.


With both gas and electric models to choose from, the Platinum Collection features a sleek ceramic-glass surface and stainless steel frame for a sophisticated, modern look.

Bromic Patio Heaters - Tungsten Electric Wall Mounted in White


Our Tungsten Collection is available in gas, electric and portable options, complete with a stylish, industrial design in a wide selection of heat output and mounting options.

Superyacht Deck Heater - Bromic Platinum Electric Marine Recessed

Platinum Marine

Engineered specifically for marine applications and coastal environments, the Platinum Electric Marine heater elevates the comfort of residences, superyachts, & cruise ships.

Tungsten Electric and Tungsten Portable at Private Residence

Our Commitment to Tailored Heating Solutions

We understand that each outdoor environment requires a tailored heating solution. That’s why we offer a versatile range of fuel types and mounting options, to ensure ultimate efficiency in application and top-tier comfort. What sets Bromic apart is our commitment to crafting heaters that not only perform flawlessly but also seamlessly complement your outdoor space, regardless of your chosen fuel source or mounting application.

Heaters by Fuel Type

At Bromic, we understand that each outdoor environment requires a unique solution. That’s why we offer a versatile range of fuel options, to ensure ultimate efficiency in application and top-tier comfort.

Electric Heaters

Available in each of our distinct heater collections, our Electric Heaters compliment your outdoor aesthetics sustainably with power up to 6000 Watts.

Natural Gas Heaters

Combining sheer power with our signature elegant design, our Natural Gas Heaters provide consistent warmth with heat coverage of up to 215 square feet.

Residential Tungsten Portable Application

Propane Heaters

Discover our Propane Heater options, from portable applications allowing you to create warmth wherever you need it most, to fixed mounted heaters – We believe in flexible solutions.


How to select the right fuel source for your space?

Which type of fuel source works best in your space depends on a few key factors such as climate, clearances and cost. As the only manufacturer that offers outdoor heating solutions in natural gas, propane, and electric fuel sources, the fuel selection criteria can offer important advantages in your specific application. Here, we’ll delve into the key considerations that can give you a decisive advantage in selecting the perfect fuel source for your specific application.

Wrigleys Mansion Eclipse Portable Heater

Heaters by Installation Type

At Bromic, we understand that each outdoor environment requires a tailored heating solution. That’s why we offer a versatile range of fuel and mounting options, to ensure ultimate efficiency in application and top-tier comfort.

Ceiling Mounted

Bromic’s ceiling mounting poles ensure that your Platinum, Tungsten, and Eclipse heaters will be suspended at just the right height to deliver the optimum amount of heat.

Wall mounted electric heaters cafe

Wall Mounted

Easily mount any of our heaters on walls and structures while meeting the necessary clearance requirements. Standard wall mounts are included with our Platinum and Tungsten Gas and Electric heaters.

Flush Mounted

Seamlessly integrate the Platinum Electric, Platinum Marine, or Tungsten Electric heater within your project with our premium recess kits. Create a flush, modern and minimalist look without interfering with the aesthetic of the space.

Tungsten Portable


Bromic’s freestanding portable heaters bring flexible warmth to outdoor spaces. Available in both the Tungsten and Eclipse Collections, these heaters offer top-of-the-line heating technology in a stylish, modular design.


Not sure which heaters are right for your outdoor space?

Let us help with our complimentary technical design service. Our team of designers will be able to advise which heater is right for your space and provide a customized design layout. 

Common Questions about Infrared Radiant Heaters

Bromic is the industry leader in designing effective, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing outdoor heaters for a wide array of applications. Exploring the following questions and answers will provide valuable insights to help navigate certain requirements. For personalized assistance in crafting the ideal outdoor heating solution, we encourage reaching out to Bromic’s team of heating experts, ensuring a tailor-made solution for your needs. Your comfort is our priority!

What is radiant heat?

Radiant heat refers to the transfer of heat from a warm surface to cooler objects or people through electromagnetic waves, primarily in the form of infrared radiation. This type of heating doesn’t rely on heating the surrounding air but instead warms objects and occupants directly.

What’s the difference between an outdoor infrared heater and outdoor radiant heater?

An outdoor infrared heater is a type of radiant heater that specifically uses infrared light to generate heat. An outdoor radiant heater, more broadly, can use various forms of energy, including infrared light, to emit warmth. Learn more about the subtle differences in our Blog Post.

How does an infrared heater work?

An infrared heater works by emitting a form of electromagnetic radiation, similar to visible light but with longer wavelengths, primarily heating objects and people directly within their line of sight.

Why should I pick an infrared radiant heater over a convective heater?

Infrared radiant heaters deliver heat directly to objects and people, rather than warming the air like convective heaters. This ensures more efficient and targeted heating, making them ideal for outdoor spaces or areas with high airflow.

How many infrared heaters will I need to warm up my space?

The number of infrared heaters needed depends on factors such as the size of the area, desired temperature, and insulation. Consulting with Bromic’s heating experts can help you determine the best radiant heater for your space, the exact number needed and ideal placement for optimal warmth.

Do infrared heaters work well in colder temperatures?

Yes, infrared heaters work exceptionally well in colder temperatures. By directly heating objects and people rather than the air, they maintain effectiveness even in chillier environments.

Can infrared heaters keep windy areas warm?

Infrared heaters radiate warmth directly, making them less affected by wind or open spaces. Their heating efficiency remains relatively consistent even in windy conditions.

Do infrared heaters use a lot of energy?

This type of heating is considered to be more sustainable as they directly warm objects and people. These energy efficient infrared heaters heat up quickly and maintain warmth without excessive energy consumption.

How long do infrared heaters last?

With proper care and maintenance, both commercial infrared heaters and residential infrared heaters can have a long lifespan. Bromic’s infrared heaters are designed for durability and consistent performance, lasting several years in many applications.

How much do infrared heaters cost?

The cost of infrared heaters varies depending on the model, features, and specifications. Bromic offers a range of the best infrared heaters to suit different budgets and requirements.

Do infrared heaters look good?

Bromic’s infrared heaters are designed with aesthetics in mind, offering sleek and modern designs that blend seamlessly with various architectural styles.

Are outdoor infrared heaters safe?

Safety is a priority in Bromic’s design process. Outdoor Infrared heaters are generally safe when installed and operated according to guidelines. Features like safety shut-offs and robust construction enhance overall safety.