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Eclipse Smart-Heat™ Electric

Elevate the ambiance of any outdoor space with our contemporary Eclipse Smart-Heat™ Electric heater. Available in six unique mounting options, this dual-functioning heater not only provides efficient warmth but also illuminates light with its built-in LED ring reshaping the realm of outdoor heating.

Eclipse Smart-Heat™ Electric


The Eclipse Smart-Heat Electric series will allow you to go straight from dinner to drinks thanks to its dimmable LED lighting rail and 3 different heat settings. With its sleek ceramic screen and matte black appearance, the Bromic Eclipse Smart-HeatTM series strikes the perfect balance between ambience, style, and functionality.

In addition to the complimentary 24″ Twin Pole, the Eclipse Electric can be paired with five other striking pole designs, including wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted options. For the ultimate in convenience, combine this sleek heater with the Bromic Smart-HeatTM Eclipse dimmer controller and wireless remote to accurately adjust the heat and light coverage from the comfort of your seat!


Features & Benefits

Featuring a contemporary pendant design, this dual functioning heater delivers efficient heat and light, creating an inviting atmosphere for unparalleled outdoor comfort.

Bromic Eclipse Smart-Heat Electric Pendant 24 Inch Twin Pole
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    Flexible Mounting Options

    Minimal vertical clearance requirements and a wide range of wall, ceiling, and free-standing options to suit any space.

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    Premium Construction

    Premium, corrosion-resistant double-coated steel to ensure longevity of use and aesthetic appeal.

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    Ceramic Screen

    Spreads heat evenly across any area while minimizing light emission from the heating element.

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    Dimmable LED Light

    Complete flexibility over level of brightness for the right amount of ambience.

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    Precise Control

    Accurately adjust the heat output (0/33/66/100%) for complete control over the level of comfort.

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    Unique Design

    Elegantly understated design that complements any design-focused outdoor environment.

Product Resources

Discover everything you need to know about the Eclipse Smart-Heat™ Electric heater series, from heat blooms and mounting options to detailed specifications and FAQs.


Reference the specification guide below to help you select the correct solution for your needs.

MODEL # BH0920001-1
HEAT AREA 121ft2
RATED CURRENT & VOLTAGE 11.4 A (220V) |  11.8 A (230V) | 12.1 A (240V)
MINIMUM FLOOR CLEARANCE Wall 96”  |  Ceiling 96”


Heat Blooms

Bromic Eclipse Heat Bloom

Mounting Options

The Eclipse Series comes with a wide range of mounting options to compliment any décor and provide functionality for ambiance and comfort. Click to learn more.



Installation must be carried out by a licensed and authorized technician in accordance with local electrical codes. Please download our Installation Manual for more information.


BIM & CAD Files

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What pole does the Eclipse come with?

The Eclipse Electric comes standard with our 24″ Twin Pole. We offer a variety of other pole mounting option to suit any space.

How can I control my Eclipse heater?

We recommend pairing the Eclipse Electric heater with our Eclipse Dimmer Controller and remote to precisely adjust both the temperature and lighting output from a single point.

How many Eclipse heaters do I need?

The number of Eclipse Smart-Heat™ Electric heaters you need depends on the size and layout of your outdoor space. Let our heating experts create the perfect heat layout of your space by utilizing our Complimentary Design Service. 

Can I leave the Eclipse Smart-Heat Electric on all night?

While the Eclipse Smart-Heat™ Electric is designed for extended use, Bromic recommends turning it off when not in use for safety and energy conservation. The Eclipse Dimmer Controller makes it easy to power on and off as needed, providing flexibility in managing your outdoor heating. 

What are the clearance requirements for the Eclipse Smart-Heat Electric?

Bromic specifies clearance requirements for the Eclipse Electric outdoor heater to ensure safe and efficient operation. Adhering to these guidelines minimizes potential obstructions, ensuring the heater functions optimally and safely in your outdoor space. 

How bright does the Eclipse Smart-Heat Electric get?

Being an outdoor electric heater with light, the Eclipse Electric’s built-in LED lighting rail can be adjusted from 50% to 100% dimmability using the Eclipse Dimmer Controller presets. Quickly dim the lighting further in 1% increments using the up or down arrows on the remote. 

What mount options does the Eclipse Smart-Heat electric support?

In addition to the complimentary 24” Twin Pole, the Eclipse Electric outdoor heater can be paired with five other striking pole designs, including wall and ceiling mounted options.  

Is the Eclipse Smart-Heat Electric expensive to operate?

The Eclipse Smart-Heat™ Electric is designed with energy efficiency in mind. The cost to install and operate the heater varies by location. It is recommended to check with your local provider for a more accurate cost comparison. 

Is the Eclipse Smart- Heat Electric weather resistant?

The Eclipse Smart-Heat™ Electric is composed of durable 304-grade stainless steel, built to withstand various weather conditions. Although our heaters are made from premium materials and engineered for longevity, we recommend that they are best mounted under coverings and not directly exposed to rain, snow and salt mist to ensure they maintain their aesthetic appeal. 

Can the Eclipse Smart-Heat electric be used in an enclosed patio?

The Eclipse Smart-Heat™ Electric outdoor heater does not require ventilation as there are no harmful biproducts such as gasses released into the air, making them the ideal heating solution for enclosed spaces. 

How many heat settings does the Eclipse Smart-Heat Electric have?

The Eclipse Smart-Heat™ Electric is a dual-functioning outdoor light with heater available with a 2900 Watt heat output that can be adjusted using the Eclipse Dimmer Controller’s built-in heat settings of 33%, 66%, and 100%. 

What Our Clients Say

Eclipse at home
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

The Eclipse Collection by Bromic was a perfect fit for us because it not only serves its functional purpose but also exudes a modern and chic vibe, exactly what we were seeking!

Homeowner Freimershiem, Germany
Stellas Wine Bar Houston - Eclipse Pendant
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I like that you can adjust the heat and the light from afar without intruding on the guests' experience. This helps us be more hospitable and helps the guests feel better taken care of.

Sommelier Houston, Texas
Bromic Eclipse Heater
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