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Eclipse Smart-Heat™ Portable

Featuring a contemporary design, the dual-functioning Eclipse Smart-Heat™ Portable heater has a stable weighted base, making the placement options for this free-standing heater endless. The built-in Eclipse Dimmer Controller allows complete authority over both heat and light functionality.

Eclipse Smart-Heat™ Portable


The Eclipse Smart-Heat Portable is a powerful electric outdoor heater that brings radiant warmth, light and style to design-focused outdoor spaces. This portable electric outdoor heater incorporates ground-breaking heat transfer technologies that result in a high-efficiency outdoor heater and dimmable LED light unit with minimalist, yet striking design aesthetics.

The Eclipse Smart-Heat Portable comes with our Eclipse Dimmer Controller and wireless remote, so you can quickly adjust both the heat output and gradually dim the lights to achieve the right level of comfort required for any situation.

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Features & Benefits

Featuring a contemporary pendant design and stable weighted base, this free-standing dual functioning heater delivers efficient heat and light, creating an inviting atmosphere for luxurious outdoor spaces.

Overhead Outdoor Heater - Bromic Eclipse Portable
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    Precise Control

    Accurately adjust the heat output (0/33/66/100%) for complete control over the level of comfort.

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    Dimmable LED Light

    Complete flexibility over level of brightness for the right amount of ambience.

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    Premium Construction

    Premium, corrosion-resistant, double-coated steel to ensure longevity of use and aesthetic appeal.

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    Ceramic Fascia

    Spreads heat evenly across any area while minimizing light emission from the heating element.

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    Unique Design

    Elegantly understated design that complements any design-focused outdoor environment.

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    Flexibility of Use

    Stable base unit with wheels for easy manoeuvrability and flexibility over location.

Product Resources

Discover everything you need to know about the Eclipse Smart-Heat™ Portable heater series, from heat blooms and mounting options to detailed specifications and FAQs.


Please reference the specification guide below to help you select the correct solution for your needs.

MODEL # BH0820001-1
HEAT AREA 121ft2
RATED CURRENT 11.4 A (220V) |  11.8 A (230V) |  12.1 A(240V)


Heat Blooms

Bromic Eclipse Heat Bloom



Please refer to our clearance requirements and consult the installation manual for details.


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Does the Eclipse Portable come with a remote?

Yes, the Eclipse Portable comes complimentary with a remote, which will allow precise control over the light and heat output.

Can the heater be left out in the rain?

While all our products are water resistant, they are not waterproof and we recommend to not leave the heater out in the elements to ensure it maintains it’s good looks!

How many Eclipse Portable heaters do I need?

The number of Eclipse Portable heaters you need depends on the size and layout of your outdoor space. Let our heating experts create the perfect heat layout of your space by utilizing our Complimentary Design Service.

How hot does the Eclipse Portable heater get?

How much heat the Eclipse Portable emits depends on a variety of factors including the wattage in use, mounting height, climate, space layout and more. For the most efficient heat coverage of your space, we recommend utilizing our Complimentary Design Service where one of Bromic’s heating experts will create a customized heating layout for your space.

How bright does the Eclipse Portable heater get?

The built-in LED lighting rail is 216.6 Lumens with a color temperature of 3000K and can be adjusted from 50% to 100% dimmability using the Eclipse Dimmer Controller presets. Quickly dim the lighting further in 1% increments using the up or down arrows on the remote.

Is the Eclipse Portable heater easy to move?

The Eclipse Portable heater has a stable base unit with wheels for easy maneuverability and flexibility over location; renowned for being one of the best portable electric heaters for outdoors. For information on the best way to move this heater, please refer to the installation manual.

What is radiant heat?

Radiant heat refers to the transfer of heat from a warm surface to cooler objects or people through electromagnetic waves, primarily in the form of infrared radiation. This type of heating doesn’t rely on heating the surrounding air but instead warms objects and occupants directly, similar to the sun.

Is the Eclipse Portable heater energy efficient?

The Eclipse portable is a more energy efficient outdoor portable electric heater due to high quality, durable materials and directional infrared heating meaning that the energy consumption is maximized to ensure heat both reaches and is absorbed by users. Additionally, proper layouts entails thoughtful placement for necessary heat coverage only where it’s needed so as not to waste additional energy on unused spaces.

Can I use the Eclipse Portable heater in an enclosed patio?

The Eclipse Smart-Heat™ Portable outdoor heater does not require ventilation as there are no harmful biproducts such as gasses released into the air, which makes them safe to heat enclosed spaces.

What are the clearance requirements for the Eclipse Portable heater?

As with all Bromic products, it’s essential to refer to product instruction manuals for essential clearance and installation requirements. Adhering to these guidelines ensures the heaters function optimally and safely in your outdoor space.

How does the Eclipse Portable heater compare to the Tungsten Portable heater?

Both the Eclipse Portable and Tungsten Portable outdoor heaters offer directional radiant heating making them more efficient than traditional portable heaters. The Eclipse Portable heater is a more contemporary designed electric heater which requires an electrical outlet, while the Tungsten Portable heater is a gas heater that runs on either natural gas or propane fuel sources. Fit will depend on design preference for the space and access to energy sources such as electrical or gas.

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