Christopher’s at Wrigley Mansion

The historic Wrigley Mansion, designed by William Wrigley and completed in 1931, is a true landmark of the Phoenix area. Owner Jamie Hormel and his restaurateur partner of over 15 years, Christopher Gross, wanted to reimagine a new Christopher’s restaurant at the Wrigley mansion. The pair brought on Wendell Burnette of Wendell Burnette Architects to bring that vision to life.  

Owner of his own architectural firm for over 26 years in the Arizona valley, Wendell knew that in order to adjust to market demands, they needed a patio – and in order to have a patio, they needed to have heat.  “We had to find the right heater or we couldn’t do the patio, that’s what it came down to,” Wendall recalled. 

Because of the historic nature of the Wrigley and its breathtaking view of the Phoenix skyline, finding a heating solution that didn’t take away from the design and atmosphere of the space was crucial. “We were very aware that Bromic has the best design in heaters,” Wendall notes. Working alongside Bromic’s heating experts, Burnette was presented with the new Eclipse Smart-Heat Portable – the electrical portable unit whose sleek, modern design is perhaps only surpassed by the innovative inclusion of dimmable LED lighting. 

The results and response have been tremendous.  “Everybody that comes here, they comment about these heaters. They’ve never seen a heater that is this elegant and also incorporates a light fixture.”  With a bevy of satisfied customers enjoying comfortable temperatures, ambient lighting, striking views and gourmet cuisine – all partners in this project found themselves with a smashing success. 

Talon Bar

Talon Bar in Brooklyn made it through the COVID 19 pandemic thanks to its lush backyard patio and Bromic outdoor heaters.

Tony’s Di Napoli

The installation of Bromic Tungsten Electric heaters helped family restaurant Tony’s Di Napoli cater for the increasing demand of outdoor dining.

Pecora Bianca

La Pecora Bianca chose Bromic outdoor heaters to ensure it could continue its mission to share the joy of Italian food and celebrate human connection, even in the midst of the Covid pandemic.

Kahite Golf Course Pub & Grill

Nestled in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains in Vonore, Tennessee, Kahite Golf Course stretches out over 200 acres with panoramic views over Tellico Lake and the National Park. Opened in 2000, the golf course offers members a range of entertainment options, including a fitness center, outdoor pool, restaurant, and a community building for events.

Doubling capacity

To extend the existing entertainment space, the Kahite Pub & Grill restaurant recently added a covered patio to its premises that can seat around 100 people. Although Tennessee enjoys hot summers and relatively mild winters, temperatures can drop down to 5°C in the coldest months, so Kahite Pub & Grill decided to install nine Bromic Tungsten Electric 6000W heaters to ensure that the new outdoor entertainment space can be used all year around. As the area is prone to regular winds, the owners also added curtains to help lock the heat inside the patio.

“The new area is really important to both the business and the members as it allowed us to double the seating capacity of the Pub & Grill,” comments Tom McPhee from the project planning committee. “We often get very crowded and cannot fit everyone in the pub when we have events, but by adding the heaters and curtains, we can now use the patio all year around.”

Durability meets power

Combining a stylish, industrial design with market-leading radiant heat technology, the Bromic Tungsten Smart-Heat Electric heaters provide a superior spread of heat thanks to a unique honeycomb mesh screen. Each heater also features a parabolic reflector, so that heat is re-directed towards the target and not wasted through the back of the heater. That way, there is an even flow of radiant heat, providing warmth and comfort across areas of up to 15m2. In addition, the heater’s high-temperature coating and stainless-steel construction make it suitable for all environments, ensuring that it delivers on both power and durability.

“Bromic provided the best solution for electric heaters for our relatively low ceiling and the technical help provided by their Sales Executive Leonardo was exceptional,” concludes Mr. McPhee.

Print Restaurant

Labeled “Heaven in Hell’s Kitchen” New York’s Print, located in an old print factory provides diners sustainable, seasonal & organic modern American food. With ingredients being sourced by an in-house forager from local & regional markets. The design of the restaurant is a reflection of its soul, quality materials in an elegant setting. Looking out over the Hudson River Print’s outdoor spaces are susceptible to the full force of the elements in New York. To entice guests to take full advantage of the amazing outdoor spaces & enjoy the view Print has installed Bromic Tungsten Smart-Heat Electric heaters (6000W) throughout its outdoor & pool area.

Private Residence, Connecticut

Being able to take advantage of the New England outdoors was a priority to the owner of this elegant traditional residence. To allow use of the beautiful outdoor spaces once the warm weather was behind them was a key factor when deciding to install white Tungsten Smart-Heat Electric (6000W) heaters. When combined with the Wireless Dimmer Controllers and Flush Mounting Kit the tungsten heaters are unobtrusive, seamless and safe.

The W Hotel

In a town famous for talking, there was only one thing on the lips of the patrons at the magnificent W Hotel’s POV Terrace Bar last winter. the newly installed Platinum Smart-Heat Gas and Tungsten Smart-Heat Electric heaters from Bromic.

“Customers love them,” Director of Bar Concepts, Scott Vollmer says happily. “We remember having a lot of tables ask and inquire about how efficient and cool they looked.” “We are really happy with them and I think for the size of the space we have, we’ve certainly seen a great return on the investment.”

Del Frisco’s

The Del Frisco’s Restaurant Group choose 3 Platinum 3400-watt electric heaters for their outdoor patio at Westfield Century City, a world-class shopping and entertainment center. The Platinum Electric Heaters create a year-round dining environment suited to the Southern California climate and, along with a wireless controller, also feature a wireless dimmer, which offers the ability to dim electric heating output to ensure dining guest are kept comfortable throughout the day.