Outdoor Amenities: Shaping Home Design Like Never Before

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At Bromic, we understand the profound impact that innovative design elements can have on outdoor spaces. That’s why we are thrilled to share this insightful article from Dwell Magazine, a renowned authority in the world of architecture and design.  

As a leading manufacturer of premium outdoor heating solutions, we’re committed to helping you design your outdoor living space.   

Join us as we delve into the cutting-edge trends that are redefining outdoor living and discover how Bromic Heating’s products can help you transform your outdoor space into a haven of warmth, style, and comfort. Whether you’re an avid design enthusiast or someone looking to elevate their outdoor space, this blog is sure to help you plan your outdoor living space.  

Outdoor Amenities Are Driving Home Design More Than Ever Before 

Indoor/outdoor living can—and should—be an all-weather endeavor if you embrace a little know-how. 

Sure, a spacious green lawn is nice—but doesn’t a livable, year-round outdoor space sound even nicer? Open-air rooms, inviting patios, outdoor kitchens, and other “functional outdoor spaces” are on a meteoric rise in comparison to the sprawling lawns of yesteryear, according to a recent survey by the National Association of Homebuilders. In fact, having that outdoor connection is predicted to be the biggest influence in home design for the next three years. 

Who can blame them? In the wake of pandemic living, making the most of every inch of your property has become downright vital for homeowners’ physical as well as mental health.  

And the good news is that this trend isn’t just for the sunshine states: With some smart design choices like comfortable seating, seamless outdoor heating, and ample lighting, anyone can create an outdoor living space that feels more like an extension of the indoors versus an afterthought. 

Warm Things Up 

Savvy outdoor-living enthusiasts know to plan for the extremes en plein air.  

“The trend now is to exploit the outdoor areas as ‘living spaces’—spaces to be used not only during the day but also late into the evening,” explains architect Yvonne Haber. “By installing an outdoor radiant heater, like Bromic’s Tungsten Electric heater, we’re able to extend the usability of outdoor areas for longer periods in the year.” 

While firepits can be a wonderful way to improve your outdoor living space they tend to bring more ambience than heat. A radiant heater, conversely, keeps an outdoor area warm and is less affected by the wind. Instead of heating the air around you, a radiant heater works like the sun, heating the people and objects from above.  

Bromic’s new Eclipse Smart-Heat Electric series (available as wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, or portable) offers both heat and light, adding atmosphere in addition to cozy comfort. Whether drying off post-swim or sharing a glass of wine under the stars on a crisp autumn evening, the Eclipse is there to provide warmth and ambience all in a sleek matte-black package.

Outside Electric Heaters - Bromic Eclipse Portable

Go Undercover 

Pergolas, awnings, and umbrellas keep outdoor spaces usable during heat waves and rainstorms alike, so it’s no wonder that homeowners with outdoor kitchens or dining spaces are employing these design details in droves. The National Association of Homebuilders reported that 38% more architects included roof decks in their designs in 2020 compared to 2019.  

“People want to be outside, so outdoor spaces should be designed with function in mind,” says Danny Wang of Danny Wang Design & Build. “We see a lot of outdoor structures being built which allows for sun coverage during the day and a place to mount heaters for warmth at night, which is a great example of taking advantage of functional designs for better utilization of the space.” 

High-tech motorized roofing options that can expand and retract provide flexibility, as do floor-to-ceiling stackable glass doors. When paired with a seamless outdoor heating system, a covered patio can really fulfill its potential to be an additional room and one with a great view of the sunset, to boot. 

Bromic Platinum Electric Outdoor Heater

Get Cooking  

Creating an “outdoor living room” has been the foundation of patio design for decades as sofas, coffee tables, and even floor lamps have all found their place on the deck. But for those truly looking to bring functionality to their outdoor spaces throughout the year, the outdoor kitchen is the icing on the cake.  

Gourmet grills and pizza ovens are ideal for summer patio parties, but these special spaces offer a great incentive to get outside any time of year. And if the chef can enjoy showing off their searing skills under a radiant heater, it’s all the better. 

Bromic’s Eclipse Electric Outdoor Heaters Ceiling Mounted with the Included 24” Twin Pole

Practice Self-Care 

The wellness trend hasn’t stayed behind closed doors. Designers are increasingly incorporating wellness spaces into backyards—think cold-plunge pools, wood-fired hot tubs, outdoor saunas, meditation gardens, and more. With proper coverage and radiant heating, these moments of self-care can easily be enjoyed any time of year. (In fact, a soak in a steaming cedar bathtub while snow gently falls all around sounds downright ideal.) 

Bring the Inside Out  

From cozy gas fireplaces to luxurious rugs to statement lighting, a covered and heated patio offers the opportunity to employ all of the comforts of interior design.  

Even a television screen might be a fit for your protected outdoor space. Just imagine watching a holiday movie right outside your back door while immersed in the great outdoors: It’s a scene worthy of its own Christmas carol.  

Whatever the size or scope of your outdoor space, remember it’s there to be enjoyed. Don’t spend the colder months ahead staring at your outdoor space through the window. Heat things up and get outside.  

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