Do Patio Heaters Work?

When it comes to transforming chilly outdoor environments into cozy retreats, patio heaters are indispensable. Yet, the pressing questions remain: do outdoor patio heaters work? Do patio heaters keep you warm? The answer is YES!

However, while there’s a consensus on their utility, not all patio heaters offer the same level of effectiveness. Beyond merely providing warmth, weather resistance, aesthetics, mounting options, and durability significantly influence their performance.

Today, we explore the intricacies of patio heaters and their effectiveness and uncover the secrets to maximizing outdoor comfort with Bromic’s exceptional heating options.

How Do Patio Heaters Work?

Tungsten Electric and Tungsten Portable at Private Residence

Patio heaters can make outdoor spaces more comfortable by providing warmth through radiant heating. There are two basic types of patio heaters: gas and electric. Gas heaters rely on natural gas or propane combustion, while electric heaters use electricity to generate heat. Each type has benefits and factors to consider, such as cost and convenience, and the correct heater choice is often determined by availability of power or fuel at each site. For patio heaters, gas heaters are typically rated by British Thermal Unit (BTU) capacity whereas electrical heaters are typically rated by Wattage (W). Both are metrics of energy consumed by the device while generating heat. Higher energy consumption means greater heat output and are suitable for heating larger areas. However, wind conditions, space constraints and temperature adjustments must also be considered for optimal performance and comfort.

Bromic uses infrared heating technology to heat objects and people directly instead of the surrounding air, which is a more efficient and targeted way of heating.

Gas vs. Electric

When considering patio heaters, the choice between gas and electric options depends on various factors, including heating capacity, ventilation, access to natural gas, electricity constraints, and aesthetic preferences. Regardless of the constraints, Bromic offers the widest selection of heater options that can be used in combination while maintaining a common aesthetic to complement any space.

Electric Patio Heaters:

  • Versatility: Electric heaters offer flexibility in heating smaller spaces of up to 160ft², making them suitable for areas with limited ventilation.
  • Wind Resistance: Electric heaters are not affected by wind and can be safely used in windy conditions without the risk of blowing out.
  • Mounting Options: They provide more mounting options due to their smaller clearances, which are suitable for recessed installation into flat ceilings.
  • Maintenance: Electric heaters require minimal maintenance and are available in durable stainless-steel options to withstand harsh environments.

Gas Patio Heaters:

  • Powerful Heating: Gas heaters, available in natural gas or propane versions, provide powerful heat output suitable for larger spaces up to 215ft².
  • Ventilation Requirements: They require at least 25% of the space for proper airflow, making them ideal for well-ventilated outdoor areas.
  • Portability: Portable propane models offer the flexibility to be moved around and stored away efficiently, which is ideal for seasonal use.
  • Wind Protection: Advanced models like Bromic’s Platinum Smart-Heat™ Gas are equipped with ceramic fascias to protect against wind and ensure even heat distribution.

Cost Considerations:

Running Costs: Natural gas typically offers the lowest running costs, followed by electric and propane options.

Further Reading:

If you want to explore the dynamics and economics of the different heating fuel types for your outdoor space, please read this Detailed Guide.

Expert Advice:

Still undecided? Our heating experts at Bromic offer complimentary design services to help you choose the ideal patio heater fuel solution for your project.

Radiant Heating vs. Conventional Heating: What’s The Difference?

White Recessed Outdoor Heater

Radiant systems use infrared rays to directly warm objects and surfaces, ensuring even heat distribution without any air movement. This method is known to be more energy-efficient and provides consistent comfort.

On the other hand, conventional heaters use forced air or radiators that heat the air first. This can quickly change the room temperature but may cause uneven warmth and stratification, which can be uncomfortable.

How Do Bromic Heaters Compare To Traditional Mushroom Heaters?

Bromic heaters are superior to traditional mushroom heaters, offering efficient and concentrated heat distribution through advanced radiant heating technology. With a slim and sleek design, our heaters provide warmth without obstructing the view and complement any outdoor space with their contemporary and minimalist appeal. Made from high-grade materials, they are resilient to outdoor elements and offer greater longevity.

Not Sure Which Outdoor Patio Heater Is Right For Your Outdoor Project?

Bromic has got you covered if you need a high-quality outdoor patio heater. We offer a variety of outdoor heating collections that cater to different needs, preferences, and space sizes. Whether you have a small balcony or a large backyard, live in a cold or mild climate, or prefer natural gas or propane, Bromic’s outdoor heaters are designed to enhance your outdoor experience and bring warmth and ambiance to your space.

Eclipse Collection

Innovative in design and functionality, the Eclipse Collection by Bromic strikes a harmonious balance between ambiance and utility. Its contemporary circular surface adds a touch of elegance to any outdoor space. Featuring a dimmable LED light and a fully sealed ceramic-glass surface, the Eclipse heaters provide customizable warmth and illumination. With seven mounting options available, including wall, ceiling, and free-standing, the Eclipse Collection offers unparalleled versatility to elevate your outdoor experience.

Platinum Collection

This Bromic heater collection showcases the pinnacle of outdoor heating technology. Featuring sleek designs and superior materials, including AISI316 stainless steel for marine environments, these heaters offer unmatched durability and performance. Enjoy luxurious warmth in style with options like the Platinum Smart-Heat™ Electric series’ low-form factor design and the Platinum Smart-Heat™ Gas series’ signature black ceramic-glass screen.

Tungsten Collection

Bromic’s Tungsten Smart-Heat collection stands out for its durability and performance. Crafted with stainless-steel construction, it offers market-leading directional radiant heat for areas up to 215ft², making it ideal for larger spaces. Its industrial design style, featuring a unique honeycomb mesh surface, adds a touch of sophistication to any outdoor environment. It boasts 3X efficiency than traditional mushroom heaters.

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