Hide Restaurant

With the world’s 2nd largest wine list, Michelin-starred HIDE Restaurant in London’s Piccadilly, prides itself in offering guests some of the most exciting wines in the world. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit in April 2020, the 3-storey venue started spilling out onto the streets of Piccadilly to adhere to the UK’s ‘outdoor dining only’ restrictions. However, with the local weather often unpredictable – even in summer – the restaurant quickly realized it needed to add outdoor heating to ensure it could offer an environment where guests would feel both safe and comfortable.

“The outdoor heating has allowed us to create an ambiance and an environment where people are happy to stay for a longer period of time,” comments Matthew Mawtus – Restaurant Manager, HIDE Piccadilly.

Surrounded by pampas grass and sheltered from the rain by gazebos, HIDE’s alfresco dining terrace features Bromic’s Tungsten Smart-Heat Portable Gas heaters. With their award-winning matte black silhouette and industry-leading heat output, the Tungsten Portable heaters allowed the restaurant to create an indoors outdoors effect and provide its patrons with a safe and comfortable dining experience, no matter what the UK weather has in store.

“Customer feedback has been very good. Most of my customers that have been to other restaurants have commented that the heaters we have installed are the best that they have seen,” adds Mathus.

Pecora Bianca

La Pecora Bianca chose Bromic outdoor heaters to ensure it could continue its mission to share the joy of Italian food and celebrate human connection, even in the midst of the Covid pandemic.

Kahite Golf Course Pub & Grill

Nestled in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains in Vonore, Tennessee, Kahite Golf Course stretches out over 200 acres with panoramic views over Tellico Lake and the National Park. Opened in 2000, the golf course offers members a range of entertainment options, including a fitness center, outdoor pool, restaurant, and a community building for events.

Doubling capacity

To extend the existing entertainment space, the Kahite Pub & Grill restaurant recently added a covered patio to its premises that can seat around 100 people. Although Tennessee enjoys hot summers and relatively mild winters, temperatures can drop down to 5°C in the coldest months, so Kahite Pub & Grill decided to install nine Bromic Tungsten Electric 6000W heaters to ensure that the new outdoor entertainment space can be used all year around. As the area is prone to regular winds, the owners also added curtains to help lock the heat inside the patio.

“The new area is really important to both the business and the members as it allowed us to double the seating capacity of the Pub & Grill,” comments Tom McPhee from the project planning committee. “We often get very crowded and cannot fit everyone in the pub when we have events, but by adding the heaters and curtains, we can now use the patio all year around.”

Durability meets power

Combining a stylish, industrial design with market-leading radiant heat technology, the Bromic Tungsten Smart-Heat Electric heaters provide a superior spread of heat thanks to a unique honeycomb mesh screen. Each heater also features a parabolic reflector, so that heat is re-directed towards the target and not wasted through the back of the heater. That way, there is an even flow of radiant heat, providing warmth and comfort across areas of up to 15m2. In addition, the heater’s high-temperature coating and stainless-steel construction make it suitable for all environments, ensuring that it delivers on both power and durability.

“Bromic provided the best solution for electric heaters for our relatively low ceiling and the technical help provided by their Sales Executive Leonardo was exceptional,” concludes Mr. McPhee.

The W Hotel

In a town famous for talking, there was only one thing on the lips of the patrons at the magnificent W Hotel’s POV Terrace Bar last winter. the newly installed Platinum Smart-Heat Gas and Tungsten Smart-Heat Electric heaters from Bromic.

“Customers love them,” Director of Bar Concepts, Scott Vollmer says happily. “We remember having a lot of tables ask and inquire about how efficient and cool they looked.” “We are really happy with them and I think for the size of the space we have, we’ve certainly seen a great return on the investment.”

The Sheraton Resort & Spa

The Sheraton Carlsbad Resort & Spa is a 209-room luxury resort within walking distance of California’s scenic North County beaches and the picturesque village of Carlsbad. The resort prides itself in offering guests countless activities and luxuries from a single location, including a spa, golf course, gourmet dining, bars and a convention center.

One of the resort’s key dining destinations, the Twenty/20 Grill & Wine Bar, boasts a large outdoor patio, where guests can take in the spectacular views of the Pacific coastline while enjoying some of California’s best locally-sourced cuisine. To further enhance their guests’ dining experience and to ensure patrons are warm and comfortable even during cooler nights, the restaurant installed 15 Bromic Platinum Smart-HeatTM Gas heaters across its 120-seat outdoor patio back in 2008.

“Guests love to sit in this area especially during dinner to view the setting sun over the Pacific Ocean while dining. It can get a bit chilly due to the coastal breezes which makes these heaters very important,” comments Kent Bailey, Complex Director of Engineering at the Sheraton Carlsbad Resort & Spa.

Premium finish and performance

Made from premium-grade stainless-steel, Bromic Platinum Smart-HeatTM Gas heaters were specifically engineered to deliver superior performance and durability for the highest level of investment protection. With their signature ceramic glass fascia, the heaters provide an even heat distribution across a large area, while innovative, patented technology ensures that guests are comfortably warm even in wind speeds of up to 12mp/h.

“Many of our patrons say they love the heaters and how they make you feel warm, but are not blazing on top of your head,” adds Kent.

A modular design that’s built to last

After about 12 years of service in a challenging coastal climate the heaters started showing signs of wear and tear and the Sheraton decided it was time to replace the units. When the hotel contacted Bromic to inquire about its options, it became clear that instead of a full replacement, the Sheraton would only need to exchange a few critical parts, saving the resort both valuable time and money.

“Bromic gas heaters have a modular design which means that critical components from the inside of the control module to the ignition wires and burners are interchangeable as they wear out over time,” explains Karl Tschauner, Director of Sales at Bromic Heating. “For the Sheraton this meant that they only needed to replace certain parts instead of having to uninstall and reinstall an entire group of heaters.”

“When we were challenged with having to replace the heaters, we were in a pinch to get them ordered and on to the property, so they could be installed quickly,” remembers Kent. “The team at Bromic were great to work with and did everything in their power to ensure we received the replacement parts as quickly as possible.”

Del Frisco’s

The Del Frisco’s Restaurant Group choose 3 Platinum 3400-watt electric heaters for their outdoor patio at Westfield Century City, a world-class shopping and entertainment center. The Platinum Electric Heaters create a year-round dining environment suited to the Southern California climate and, along with a wireless controller, also feature a wireless dimmer, which offers the ability to dim electric heating output to ensure dining guest are kept comfortable throughout the day.


Newport Beach California based Provenance serves diners European bistro style food, with ingredients sourced from the venue’s own 1,300 square foot organic garden. The garden with its seasonal produce is the perfect backdrop for an outdoor dining experience.

Provenance’s terrace area is kept warm during the cool Californian evenings by their Platinum Smart-Heat Gas heaters. This not only creates a warm and inviting outdoor dining experience, but dramatically increases the number of tables they can offer their patrons year round.

The Calile Hotel

The Calile Hotel on Brisbane’s trendy James Street is a five-star departure from other luxury city hotels. Developers Michael and Cal Malouf have created an urban resort that is entirely centered on the customers’ experience, creating spaces and experiences that surprise and delight. Attention to detail even applies to the seven private Cabanas that line the magnificent pool deck. Each Cabana is equipped for comfort with private power; a USB point for phone charging; a ceiling fan; and an overhead Bromic heater, which the guest can control from within the cabana.