Tungsten Portable

Tungsten Portable Cover

Tungsten Portable Cover


Extend the life of your heater with our weatherproof Tungsten Portable cover. Installation is simple with a drawstring closure that provides a flexible yet snug fit. Designed to securely fasten to the heater head, our weather-resistant cover serves as a barrier to water, dust, and debris, ensuring protection from unfavorable outdoor elements and making sure your heater is ready to use year after year.


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Can I place the cover over the heater while it is still hot?

No. Please ensure the heater has cooled completely and is cool to touch before fitting. Do not operate heater while the cover is on.

Does the cover fit over the heater completely?

This cover only fits over the head of the heater.

Is there any maintenance required for the cover?

Please clean regularly and store in a dry cool place.