Desert Mirage: Blurring the Lines Between Home and Nature

Situated in the vast Sonoran Desert of Arizona lies the city of Scottsdale, framed by the grand McDowell Mountains. This luxe city is known for its spa resorts and golf courses, serving as an inspiring backdrop influencing much of the region’s architectural landscape.

As seen on Dwell, The Modern Sunset House, a collaborative project by AFT Construction, Cosan Studio, and Alisha Taylor Interiors, pays homage to Arizona’s Desert landscape by blending architecture and nature from indoor to outdoor spaces. Featuring the Bromic Eclipse heater, this design ensures that exterior spaces remain inviting and functional throughout the year.

“We really wanted to bring the outside in and maximize space,” explains Bradley Leavitt, founder of AFT Construction. “The clients are here throughout fall, winter, and spring and they entertain frequently and spend a lot of time outside.”

Bradley Leavitt, founder of AFT Construction, highlights the aim of integrating the outdoors into the living experience, catering to the clients’ penchant for outdoor living and entertainment. The design centers around creating expansive living areas both indoors and outdoors, offering breathtaking views of the mountains and city lights.

The Eclipse Smart-Heat Electric Portable heater was chosen for its style and functional flexibility, seamlessly blending with the home’s modern aesthetic. Its sleek design and integrated dimmable LED light provide warmth and ambiance, enhancing outdoor gatherings during colder nights.

“The residents wanted convenience and luxury,” says Leavitt. “They absolutely love the Bromic Eclipse—it’s one of their favorite features. Now, they can sit out late into the evening with friends and family and optimize the outdoor seating for long into the evening. They have been using it every night!”

The Eclipse’s flexibility allows for easy relocation across the patio, complementing other outdoor features like fire pits and linear fireplaces. Using infrared heat, its innovative heat technology ensures optimal performance and efficiency, extending the usability of outdoor spaces.

“The Smart-Heat Electric Portable heater offers warmth and light during the cold winter months, and the sleek style matches the modern architecture,” says Leavitt. “The ability to adjust and easily move it makes it convenient, and the added light function means it’s possible to create a customized ambiance when entertaining.”

Large expanses of glazing and glass hallways invite the desert landscape indoors, creating a dynamic interplay between nature and architecture that evolves with the changing seasons. The Bromic Eclipse heater emerges as a beloved feature, providing comfort and luxury for the residents as they enjoy evenings with loved ones under the desert sky.

Hotel Skansen Elevates Outdoor Dining with Bromic’s Smart-Heat™ Portable Heaters

Located in Båstad, Sweden, formerly a small fishing village, is Hotel Skansen Båstad, a world-renowned resort known as a getaway destination with a warm atmosphere and vast ocean views. Complete with over 172 hotel rooms, multiple conference centers, a large spa facility with separate cold bathhouse and relatively new rooftop banquet hall, gallery and event space, there’s always something new to experience, year-round. Host of the Nordea Open, a professional tennis tournament played as a part of the ATP Tour, the Central Court of Hotel Skansen Båstad attracts a host of visitors during the summer months, and those looking for a haven of recovery during the winter.

To enhance the experience for visitors and allow for the enjoyment of the outdoor spaces during the colder months, the Hotel sought out an outdoor heating solution for their new restaurant and lounge, SAND, that wouldn’t compromise the luxurious ambiance and clientele. To accomplish this, they reached out to Bromic’s Heating Experts for a thoughtful and efficient heat layout across their outdoor areas. 

After evaluation of the spaces’ plans and images, Josh Maingard, General Manager of Heating at Bromic recommended the Eclipse Smart-Heat™ Portable outdoor heaters as the most efficient solution. “We suggested the Eclipse Portable heaters as even distribution of heat was most important to Skansen. The Eclipse heater head is ‘hung’ by a mounting arm, allowing it to sit in the middle of the table, creating equal comfort for guests no matter where around the table they are seated,” says Maingard. “The light then also creates a nice ambiance, adjustable to time of day and mood setting.”  

Consequently, 2 of the Eclipse Portable outdoor heaters were specified for their freestanding nature, ability to be moved to spaces being used, and dual functioning heat and light, providing patrons with ultimate comfort and ambiance. 

Skansen Hotel Layout

“Outside the entrance to SAND, we have chosen to install heaters from Bromic,” remarks Siggo Plato, Assistant Restaurant Manager at Hotel Skansen Båstad. He further adds, “We use them with wireless controls, which work very well. [Additionally], they are quick to warm up, are easy to use, and can be moved around, so they have been very helpful for us.” 

“This summer, these heaters have helped us a lot,” says Emmi Pålsson, Service Manager at Hotel Skansen. She continues, “since I usually work in the restaurant for breakfast service, we’ve been able to use them from 7 o’clock in the morning, and it’s fantastic to extend the day both early in the morning and late at night.” 

Skansen Hotel Heat Plan

Siggo continues, “They don’t have the red light that comes with other heaters. [Instead], they have different built-in lighting that you can adjust the brightness of [for the perfect ambiance]. You can also control the percentage of heat, so guests are very satisfied, as we are, the staff.” 

With the built-in Eclipse Dimmer Controller, setting the mood and comfort level, creating a unique experience for every guest, is as easy as the click of a button. The staff is able to choose from three built-in heat and light presets, ultimately providing just the right amount of heat and ambiance for every guest’s specific needs. 

Siggo concludes, “I think Bromic heaters is a great option. They are stylish, attractive, easy to use, and fit well in various settings, including industrial environments and more, so we are very satisfied with them.” 

Enhancing Rooftop Bar Designs with Cutting-Edge Outdoor Heating Solutions

A New SoCal Bar in the Sky

Elevated 16 stories among the Orange County Skyline, Hive and Honey was made to be a central gathering place for the neighborhood and visitors alike. From happy hour to the late hour, guests come to see dramatic sunsets and stay into the night. The project was designed so that guests could soak up the views and enjoy a unique, open-air experience unlike any other in Orange County.

Located atop a hotel in the heart of Irvine, the rooftop bar looks out from the 405’s long stretch of expanse to Saddleback Mountain. As Bromic specifications leader Blake Petty noted, “The project was brought to us by the property developer who we have worked with on numerous other projects they have.  We have also worked with the hotel chain across the globe on numerous projects.  Both the developer and hotel have trust in Bromic not only in our products, but in our team from the upfront design service and technical support team that are there at every step of the way.”

Building off the growing trend of maximizing outdoor spaces and building rooftops, the clients wanted to showcase what developers and building owners can do with roofs that are usually underutilized. While many are turned into private gardens, bright terraces, or large amenity areas, Hive and Honey was made to be a new example of elevated dining and hospitality in the city.

Rooftop Architecture

A series of key design decisions were made that gave way to the shape and organization of the rooftop bar’s architecture. External columns around the patio edge combine with alternating support beams to create an airy, open space with a high ceiling height. These architectural forms were made with neutral colors to emphasize the views and provide a backdrop for the dining and gathering areas. The ceiling, floor, columns and walls share a common material palette, while the bar utilizes patterned tiles, metal detailing, and integrated lighting to stand out.

The Challenges

A key challenge for the rooftop space was that it needed to stay warm throughout the day and into the evening from the interior to the patio outside. As more consideration is given to how people move between indoor and outdoor spaces, there’s also further understanding of how this trend can create healthy, beautiful, and functional areas to come together. However, there are a few key obstacles that need to be addressed to optimize all-weather comfort.

Designing for the seasons, one of the best ways to maximize comfort and increase revenue is by integrating outdoor heaters. Outdoor heaters usually come in two main different types: freestanding and mounted. Which option is best for a specific design mainly depends on how much portability and floor space will be needed. If versatility is needed and the layout might change over time, then freestanding heaters create a great value-add for clients and building owners. In turn, for more permanent installation, wall or ceiling mounted heaters may work best. In terms of architecture, high lofty ceiling members needed a solution that wouldn’t block views of the skyline and keep the floor space open to provide a cohesive overall experience.

The Solution

At Hive and Honey, there was a strong desire to have direct warmth that could be moved when needed. This project was unique in that they have window washing equipment that is suspended over the side of the building. Due to this, they have to clear the patio of all furniture and cannot have anything mounted to the perimeter of the building as it would interfere with the window washing.

After the initial discussion using Bromic’s complimentary Design Service, the heating experts took a look at the architectural plans and mocked up a heat layout. The team then sent this back to the clients as a detailed heat plan with product specification sheets. For Hive and Honey, the solution was a combination of the Eclipse Portable heater, controlled by the Eclipse Dimmer Remote and the Tungsten Electric heater series, hardwired to a On/Off switches.

The Eclipse Portable heater series gives the rooftop bar the directional heat needed over each of the lounge areas and tables and gives the flexibility to disconnect and move the heaters out of the way during the window washing.

Being that this is on a rooftop and can get windy, the team wanted to use powerful Tungsten Electric heaters that are not affected by the wind like gas heaters can be. For ease of use, the heaters were hardwired to On/Off switches enabling employees to have independent control. At the same time, the white Tungsten Electric heaters blend in with the white ceiling and walls.

Customers love to come together outdoors, where they can enjoy good food, fresh air, and lively culture. After taking a look at the architectural plans and mocking up the heat layout, the Bromic team better understood the use of the Hive and Honey patio space, where furniture was going to be located, and where people would congregate. The result is an inspiring rooftop bar that brings hospitality design to new heights in Irvine.