Perfecting the Modern Outdoor Pool House with Bromic’s Eclipse Collection

Regina Schaurer-Will, owner of Will Pools & Wellness, a Whirlpool dealer located in Bellheim, Germany, recognizes the significance of outdoor spaces. During the initial stages of designing her contemporary pool house, Regina acknowledged the importance of outdoor heating but struggled to find a solution that aligned with her desired modern aesthetic. 

“We aimed to create a contemporary pool house using modern materials,” explains Regina. “The Eclipse Collection by Bromic was a perfect fit for us because it not only serves its functional purpose but also exudes a modern and chic vibe, exactly what we were seeking!” 

With prior knowledge of Bromic’s Eclipse Collection, Regina recognized that it would be the ideal outdoor heating solution for her space. “The heater also functions as a light source, providing warmth and creating a pleasant atmosphere in outdoor areas, especially when drying off after a swim. It perfectly enhances the ambiance of the garden, offering adjustable light intensity and heat levels with the Eclipse Dimmer Controller.” 

Regina anticipated some challenges during the planning process, such as a lower ceiling and the need for a more substantial power source to accommodate the space. However, she was able to overcome these obstacles by collaborating with one of Bromic’s Heating Experts, through the complimentary design service. With their guidance, Regina selected the Eclipse 8” Straight Pole to ensure clearance requirements were met and arranged for the installation of a suitable power source, thanks to her proactive approach. “We had to install the correct power line, which had unconventional voltage requirements for Germany. Nevertheless, we had no issues since we had planned ahead while acquiring the Eclipse heaters.”

Regina applied her own advice, often given to clients when designing their outdoor sanctuaries. When recommending outdoor products to her customers, she seeks items that align with the existing aesthetic of the space and enhance the overall outdoor experience. “I personally like Bromic’s products and consistently endorse their outdoor heating solutions when assisting clients with pool planning. I always emphasize the importance of having a heated outdoor area so that one can fully utilize the space and the pool throughout the year.” 

Eclipse Portable and Tungsten Electric at Hyatt Regency Dehradun

Located in the foothills of the Himalayas at Mussoorie, the Hyatt Regency Dehradun opened its doors in March 2022. Spread across 4.25 acres offering over 250 rooms on 7 floors, as well as a variety of amenities ranging from restaurant venues and a rooftop bar to outdoor terraces and lounges, the Hyatt Regency is the largest luxury 5-star hotel in Uttatakhand. 

The restaurants, lounges, and rooftop bar, Beyul, were designed to deliver a multisensory experience, including global food and beverages that blend with the scenic surroundings. To keep the current aesthetic of these spaces, and to counteract the strong winds passing through the foothills at the rooftop bar and all-day dining restaurants, it was important for heaters to be incorporated that were both effective and had the ability to blend seamlessly within each space. 

“The project faces some particular challenges due to its location in the hills,” says Love Chaudhary, Principal Architect of AND Studio, New Delhi, the architect for Hyatt Regency Dehradun. “Strong winds were a common occurrence, and we needed heaters that could withstand these conditions.” 

To select the most effective outdoor heating solution, Chaudhary utilized Bromic’s complimentary design service to work with a heating expert on heater selection and placement. “The experience was excellent, as their team provided valuable insights and recommendations based on our project requirements. The heat plan helped us optimize the placement of the heaters for maximum efficiency and comfort.” He continues, “Their modern and minimalist design added elegance to the outdoor spaces without compromising functionality. They seamlessly integrated into the surroundings, complementing the architectural elements.” 


Bromic Tungsten Electric and Eclipse Portable outdoor heaters at Hyatt Regency Dehradun’s rooftop bar, Beyul.
Bromic Tungsten Electric outdoor heaters at Hyatt Regency Dehradun’s Pan Asian Restaurant
Bromic Tungsten Electric outdoor heaters at Hyatt Regency Dehradun’s all-day dining restaurant.

“It was important for us to draw-up heat plans that made the most sense for the large spaces of the rooftop bar, the Pan Asian Restaurant and the all-day dining area,” says Abhimanyu Dabas, National Sales Manager for Bromic Heating in India. To achieve this, the high-powered Tungsten Electric and contemporary Eclipse Portable heaters were selected for the space. “We knew that the Tungsten Electric heaters would be able to provide precise directional heating that wouldn’t be affected by the high winds, and the dual function of the Eclipse Portable heaters would bring both heat and light to the lounge areas where there are no ceilings or walls for heaters to be adhered to.” He continues, “In addition, the Eclipse Dimmer Controller allows for customizable heat and light providing ease of use and flexibility for users.” 

“Overall, our experience using Bromic on this project was highly positive, and we have received positive feedback from clients about the Bromic heaters,” says Choudhary. “They played a vital role in creating inviting and comfortable outdoor spaces, enhancing the overall experience for guests. He concludes, “We would highly recommend Bromic heaters to other architects and clients in the future. Their combination of stylish design, reliable performance, and user-friendly features make them an excellent choice for enhancing outdoor spaces, and we believe others would benefit from using them as well.”