• Maintenance & Support

    Bromic Refrigeration has the upmost confidences in its products, that’s why all Bromic Refrigeration products come with the standard 12 months manufactures warranty. In addition, we offer our customers a 12 month onsite warranty, which includes 24/7 support and service to troubleshooting with trained technical support staff. If at any point further assistance is required onsite we will coordinate for a technician to resolve the issues promptly.

  • Replacement and Upgrade service

    Is it time to upgrade or replace your commercial refrigeration solution?

    Bromic Refrigeration’s RUS specialist can help.

    Today commercial refrigeration have features that were beyond reach just a few years ago. Whether you are looking to replace your standard Upright Chiller with advanced integrated technology, space, and earn money, or simply want to improve the functionality, safety and aesthetics of your areas, Bromic RUS specialists can help you understand the options you have for modernising your commercial areas.

    can help you evaluate your existing refrigeration solutions to ensure that you achieve your needs and goals. We also work with you to ensure that your refrigeration solutions are in line with your required heat output, space layout, and external factors that impact your outdoor space.

    When to upgrade.. When to replace

    An important component of our personalised consultation service is to understand your needs, and make a recommendation that helps you reach your desired goals. A decision to replace or upgrade depends on XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, and XXXXXXXXX

    - Explain why these factors are essential when deciding to replace or upgrade. (Upgrade will be in reference to size of product.. we offer a range of products to service all size, shape and environments.

    We look forward to working with your on your projects. Please call XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, or email infor@bromicrefrigeration to talk to our RUS specialists (suggestion would be to create a new email address for this specific group of people (RUS@bromicrefrigeration.com – give the impression the company is bigger and that the customer is receiving a personalised service)