In early 2020 as bushfires ravaged Australia’s East Coast a Cobargo doctor watched his general practice be devasted by the Badja Forrest Road fire. Determined to continue providing the local community with the medical services they desperately needed, Dr Jeffrey Lee continued making appointments and decided to temporarily set up his practice in his solar-powered motorhome. Unfortunately, most of his medical equipment was lost in the fire.

Image 1: Dr Lee 1 Images source: (ABC South East NSW: Tynan King)

Image 1: Dr Lee 1 Images source: (ABC South East NSW: Tynan King)

Bromic were able to assist Dr Lee to continue his work by donating a 145L Vaccine Chiller to get his practice back on its feet.

Recently we caught up with Dr Lee to see how the local community was rebuilding and how his motorhome practice had been going.

Image 3: Dr Lee Fire Damage Image source: Jeffrey Lee

Image 3: Dr Lee Fire Damage Image source: Jeffrey Lee

How is the current environment in Cobargo?

It looks very green in Cobargo at present, which is usual here in Autumn. This is prime Bega Cheese open grazing dairy country and not hippy bush tree blocks, so the damage from the fires was unexpected and unprecedented.

Where is your practice now operating from?

I am still operating my practice from my Mobile Home. The installer from Lloyd's Transportable Homes in Wagga is coming tomorrow to plan the installation of the transportable three-bedroom cottage which is now almost complete and will replace the old surgery when it is installed. Hopefully, the new surgery building will be installed in the next few weeks, but CoVid-19 is slowing down all the bushfire recovery efforts.

Image 2: Dr Lee Motorhome Image source:

How did Bromic support you through these tough and challenging times?

I lost my surgery building and all my medical equipment, apart from what was in the emergency/home visit bag in my car. I am extremely grateful for the replacement Bromic Medi Fridge vaccine fridge, especially given the unprecedented demand for Influenza Vaccine in response to the SARS CoV-2 virus.

How has the Bromic MED0140GD vaccine chiller performed?

The Bromic Medi Fridge is currently installed in a building on site that escaped the bushfire. The Bromic Medi Fridge has operated reliably, maintaining 5 degrees even when the ambient temperature inside the non-air-conditioned building exceeded 30 degrees. The Bromic Medi Fridge has also operated reliably when powered by a generator or solar-powered inverter when mains power was unavailable whilst bushfire damage to local power poles was repaired.

We were happy to hear that Dr Lee’s practise was able to continue operations and look forward to seeing the new transportable surgery building installed.

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