Bromic Waterboy 60L Wizard Pack

Waterboy Wizard 60 Litre Jet Pump Pack

Bromic Waterboy™ Wizard Controller

Bromic Waterboy™ Wizard Controller

Waterboy Wizard Pro Submersible Pump Pack

Bromic's Waterboy™ Wizard submersible packs are a premium quality pressure pump and water changeover controller sets.

Comprising of the Waterboy™ clean water submersible stainless steel pump and the Waterboy™ Wizard Pro, designed to automatically switch between harvested rainwater and mains water, offer water boosting solution for domestic systems, agricultural and gardening applications.

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  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel construction
  • Controller switches automatically from rainwater to mains supply when power fails or water runs low
  • Helps conserve water
  • Best for switching between mains water and rainwater sources.

Suitable for:

  • Water supply applications in domestic, agricultural and gardening systems and with stored water tanks.

Flow Performance Curve

Waterboy Wizard Submersible Pump Pack

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SKU 7575116
Rated Voltage 230V/50Hz
Rated Power 800W
Protection Type IPX8
Max Supply Height 30m
Max Flow Rate 92L/min
Max Submersion Depth 7m
Max Liquid Temperature 35°C
Cable Length 10m
Max Particulate Size 0.5mm