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  1. A guide to buying a portable indoor gas heater

    Bromic Supaheat Indoor Heater

    The cold is well and truly setting in and many are in search of a portable indoor gas heater to keep warm. There are a heap of indoor heaters on the market, but which one is right for you? When it comes to buying the right gas heater for your needs, it’s important to consider a range of factors.

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  2. Why should building architects choose a Bromic Stratos Brahma Indoor Gas Heater?

    Heating is an essential part of apartment infrastructure. In years gone by, heating has been a costly and environmentally taxing luxury to afford, but new technology is changing the game. When it comes to the construction of new apartment buildings and the fit out of them, architects and engineers are constantly looking for new energy efficient products that will provide energy savings and improve the overall quality of the indoor environment. Indoor gas heating is a key component when it comes to providing comfort, so architects and engineers must install one that ticks the right boxes. With that in mind, why is the Bromic Stratos Brahma Indoor Gas Heater the right choice?

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  3. Where to use an industrial blow heater

    Bromic Commercial Blow Heater

    Industrial blow heaters are a tradie’s best friend throughout winter, especially for those who are working in freezing environments. When winter hits, working in a factory or warehouse can feel like walking around a giant concrete ice cube, it’s not fun for anyone. The good news is, there’s a solution. Bromic has an industrial blow heater for a range of commercial spaces. Not only are they good for comfort, these heaters are also used for drying a site, generating higher temperatures for job sites that require heat or humidity and much more.

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  4. What to look for in a commercial blow heater

    Bromic Commercial Blow Heater

    Commercial blow heaters are fantastic pieces of equipment, especially as we enter the colder months. For the tradie who is used to freezing their hands off during winter, blow heaters are an absolute godsend. They can be used to warm the job site, generate heat for environments that require higher temperatures or they can be used to help dry out a site. Whatever you need it for, there are some key features to keep an eye out for when making your purchase.

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  5. Sievert, the Professional Heating Tool for your Job

    Seviert in use

    The Sievert range of heating tools is designed for professionals. The top of the line torch and burner systems offer advanced design, comfort and durability. Their powerful soldering, brazing and heating solutions are available in premade kits or you can assemble a kit to suit your needs. In this article we will cover the three Sievert handle systems, their different burner options as well as regulator and hose options.

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  6. The Benefits of Using a Weed Burner in Your Garden

    Benefits of Weed Burning

    Controlled burning to improve crops has been used by farmers for centuries, but it is only recently that homeowners and garden lovers have started to use this same method in their gardening to get rid of weeds. Using a flame torch or burner to burn off unwanted weeds is an effective way to keep a garden healthy. In this blog we cover when and how to use a weed burner as well as why they are effective.

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  7. Industry Leading Gas Hose Expertise

    Gas Hose Expertise

    Bromic Plumbing & Gas have unmatched expertise when it comes to the manufacture of Australian gas hoses. With over 40 years’ experience, we draw upon a pool of technically talented engineers to deliver innovative quality gas hoses to market. In this article we will cover off gas hose applications, uses, gas connection classes and more about our Australian based gas hose manufacturing.

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  8. Checking Your Gas Cooker & BBQ This Season

    Checking Gas Cookers & BBQs

    Outdoor gas cooking has a long history of being enjoyed by Aussies, whether in their own backyard or on camping and caravan adventures. It is important to understand that gas cookers and BBQs deteriorate with age as well as exposure to our climate conditions. This deterioration can result in cracks, rusting and other damage which leads to leaks. Gas leaks are incredibly dangerous as the gas coming from leaks is often what ignites and causes the majority of BBQ related fires.

    In this article we cover hose and regulator assemblies, how to check your Outdoor Gas Cooking equipment is safe and when to replace your BBQ gas regulator and hose.

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  9. Understanding Rainwater Harvesting

    Understanding Rainwater Harvesting

    In Australia and New Zealand, we understand how precious fresh water is to our land, livelihood, and lives in general. With many of our rivers and water catchments threatened by drought and the ongoing stress of our own withdrawal of water, a major way you can make your home more sustainable is to harvest rainwater

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  10. Torch & Fuel Selection Guide

    Soldering Torch & Fuel Selection Guide

    At Bromic we have the widest range of trade focussed soldering & brazing products, and we know that selecting the best hand torch and fuel source for your project is important. You need to ensure you can work effectively and efficiently to complete your soldering, brazing or welding project. There are a variety of torches, torch kits and fuel options available and in this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide to selecting the correct fuel type and torch flame type for the job.

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