1. Guide to Water Pump Selection

    Guide to Water Pump Selection

    Selecting the best water pump solution for your needs is vital to ensure you have the right size pump for the job at hand. You need to understand a few factors when considering water pumps such as:

    1. Clean Water vs Grey Water vs Dirty Water
    2. The Application of the Water Pump
    3. The Size of the Dwelling using the Water Pump
    4. The Volume of Water Required
    5. The Type of Water Pump

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  2. Top 5 Benefits of having an Indoor Gas Heater

    Top Benefits of an Indoor Gas Heater

    Gas Heaters have a number of benefits including being energy efficient, a reliable source of heat and having low ongoing running costs. With the option of Natural Gas heaters or portable LPG Heaters, there are many advantages to using gas to heat your home. With heating accounting for upto 40% of your power bill+ there is no better time than now to discover the benefits of Gas heating. In this article we outline 5 of the key reasons you should choose an Indoor Gas Heater for your home.

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