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Bernzomatic Plumbing Solder & Flux Kit

Bernzomatic plumbing and solder flux kit is an all-in-one kit containing the essentials for basic plumbing jobs including soldering water-tight seals on copper pipes and hot water heaters.

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  • Kit includes 85g 3mm solid core plumbing solder
  • 28g self-cleaning soldering flux paste
  • Flux brush and sand cloth for surface preparation
  • Solder wire melting temperature: 221°C
  • Perfect for creating water-tight seals in copper pipes and hot water heaters, and for general plumbing repairs
More Information
Weight 85g solder + 28g flux
Lead Free Yes
Solder Thickness 1.6mm
Accessories Included 85g silver bearing solid wire solder, 28g lead-free water soluble plumbing flux, 120 grit abrasive cloth for surface preparation, flux brush
Melting Temperature 221°C
No. of Pieces 4
Suggested Application Plumbing solder