Test Point Adaptor 6160505

Test Point To Suit Regulators

Test Point Adaptor 6160673

Test Point Adaptor Brass R3/8 M x 3/8 SAEM and Nut

Test Point Adaptor Brass R3/8x5/16 SAEM and Nut

R-3/8" Male x 5/16" SAE Flare including nut

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IMPORTANT: Government Regulations For Test Point Adaptors


When gas is supplied for the first time or by a new supplier, the gas supplier must ensure that a test point is located on or immediately downstream from the regulator. This should be used to test for leaks and to pressure test the system.

Test points are compulsory in Queensland and Western Australia*. (correct at time of printing)

Source: Queensland Government (Department of Mines, Resources and Water), 2006, ‘Test pints are now required on gas systems,’ Petroleum and Gas Safety News, no. 13, Feb, p.5.

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SKU 6160672
Application Backyard
For use with LPG (Propane)
Material Brass
Quick Connect No
Matching Regulator(s) 6060520, 6060521, 6060522, 6060540, 6060544