Christopher’s at Wrigley Mansion

The historic Wrigley Mansion, designed by William Wrigley and completed in 1931, is a true landmark of the Phoenix area. Owner Jamie Hormel and his restaurateur partner of over 15 years, Christopher Gross, wanted to reimagine a new Christopher’s restaurant at the Wrigley mansion. The pair brought on Wendell Burnette of Wendell Burnette Architects to bring that vision to life.  

Owner of his own architectural firm for over 26 years in the Arizona valley, Wendell knew that in order to adjust to market demands, they needed a patio – and in order to have a patio, they needed to have heat.  “We had to find the right heater or we couldn’t do the patio, that’s what it came down to,” Wendall recalled. 

Because of the historic nature of the Wrigley and its breathtaking view of the Phoenix skyline, finding a heating solution that didn’t take away from the design and atmosphere of the space was crucial. “We were very aware that Bromic has the best design in heaters,” Wendall notes. Working alongside Bromic’s heating experts, Burnette was presented with the new Eclipse Smart-Heat Portable – the electrical portable unit whose sleek, modern design is perhaps only surpassed by the innovative inclusion of dimmable LED lighting. 

The results and response have been tremendous.  “Everybody that comes here, they comment about these heaters. They’ve never seen a heater that is this elegant and also incorporates a light fixture.”  With a bevy of satisfied customers enjoying comfortable temperatures, ambient lighting, striking views and gourmet cuisine – all partners in this project found themselves with a smashing success. 

Hide Restaurant

With the world’s 2nd largest wine list, Michelin-starred HIDE Restaurant in London’s Piccadilly, prides itself in offering guests some of the most exciting wines in the world. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit in April 2020, the 3-storey venue started spilling out onto the streets of Piccadilly to adhere to the UK’s ‘outdoor dining only’ restrictions. However, with the local weather often unpredictable – even in summer – the restaurant quickly realized it needed to add outdoor heating to ensure it could offer an environment where guests would feel both safe and comfortable.

“The outdoor heating has allowed us to create an ambiance and an environment where people are happy to stay for a longer period of time,” comments Matthew Mawtus – Restaurant Manager, HIDE Piccadilly.

Surrounded by pampas grass and sheltered from the rain by gazebos, HIDE’s alfresco dining terrace features Bromic’s Tungsten Smart-Heat Portable Gas heaters. With their award-winning matte black silhouette and industry-leading heat output, the Tungsten Portable heaters allowed the restaurant to create an indoors outdoors effect and provide its patrons with a safe and comfortable dining experience, no matter what the UK weather has in store.

“Customer feedback has been very good. Most of my customers that have been to other restaurants have commented that the heaters we have installed are the best that they have seen,” adds Mathus.