Indoor Heaters

Indoor Heaters

Indoor Heating

When it comes to indoor heating, we are proud to deliver a total comfort solution with our range of gas heaters for your home. Delivering highly efficiency in both Natural Gas Heaters and LPG Heaters, we offer an indoor gas heating solution for any household. We offer wall mounted and portable gas heaters, as well as flued and flueless options.

Bromic Stratos Series of Indoor Gas Heaters offers energy efficient indoor heating with greater comfort. Designed to complement a wide range of decors, the modern European styling of the Stratos room heaters is visually appealing, room sealed for zero indoor emissions and provides a comfortable uniform heat.

Bromic SupaheatTM II Series of indoor gas heaters provide a compact, powerful and highly efficient heating solution. The flueless Supaheatâ„¢ II indoor gas heater is specifically designed to heat up an indoor space, instantly and efficiently.

You can browse our range of indoor heaters in both portable and wall mounted styles below, or get in touch with Bromic Plumbing & Gas to answer any questions about our heating products.

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