Along with designing award winning outdoor heaters that are renowned for their exceptional performance, Bromic Heating has also developed a range of accessories, controls and mounting kits which have been specifically designed to ensure our Smart-Heat™ range makes superior heating simple.


We have 3 remote options that are compatible with the Tungsten Electric series. The in-built radio transmitter offers control from up to 100ft away and is entirely portable, although it can be easily mounted with double-sided adhesive due to its light weight or with screw provisions within the case.

  1. On/Off Controller
    This switch supplies power to two separate circuits, enabling either on or off functionality of up to two electric heaters.
  2. Dimmer Controller
    This remote allows dimming of 2 electric heaters, by adjusting the percentage output in increments of 1%. Present outputs of 25%, 50% & 75% are also available as buttons on the controller.
  3. Master Controller
    This controller offers complete comfort control on a grand scale. It can adjust an 6 heaters from a single point and is a must for larger venues.


Bromic Heat Deflector

Dual-layer stainless steel deflectors that significantly reduce the clearance needed between the top of a heater and the surface above it (down to only 350mm/14″) by absorbing heat that would otherwise escape vertically.

Bromic Heater Ceiling Poles

Mount two heater units back-to-back beneath flat or pitched ceilings top optimise your heating unites. The poles can be custom sized but standard sizing is available in:

3.2 m
3.4 m
3.6 m
4 m


Bromic Heater Recess Kits
Seamlessly integrate your Bromic Platinum or Tungsten Smart-Heat™ Electric units with these unique recess kits which permit flush-mounting in roof cavities as small as 250mm, allowing them to service spaces with ceilings between 2.4m and 3.5m above floor level.

Bromic Heater Tube Suspension Kits

Space units down to an effective height in higher-ceiling applications where wall-mounting may not be appropriate. Available in two lengths (23.6″ and 74.2″), these poles suspend a heater to provide heat directly to targets from
above, while retaining directional adjustability.


Heater Head Cover

Protecting components from the elements, the Bromic Heating Heater Head Cover simply and effectively weatherproofs the head of the Tungsten Smart-Heat™ Portable gas heater. This genuine cover is easy to fit and secured with a drawstring, providing an effective storage solution that extends the life of an already exceptionally durable heater when it is not in use.

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