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Over the years, Bromic Heating has developed strong partnerships with some of the world’s foremost architectural firms and design agencies with the goal of continually enhancing the aesthetics and performance of our outdoor heater ranges.


As a result of these partnerships, the Bromic team has a deep understanding of process, resource requirements and budgets, and we are well equipped to assist in creating pleasurable outdoor living and entertainment spaces for both our residential and commercial clients.


We understand that no one outdoor heating solution meets all requirements, all of the time. That’s why we have developed our superbly-designed Platinum Smart-Heat™ and Tungsten Smart-Heat™ ranges to offer you a choice of gas, electric and portable outdoor heating options that can complement any architecture or decor.


Speak to our experienced team of Bromic Heating specialists to help you decide on the most suitable products, layout and configuration for your project.


To support architects in specifying the most suitable heating solutions, Bromic has developed a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program.


Our CPD program provides a range of information to assist architects in planning and specifying heating solutions for any outdoor space in a way that is effective, cost-efficient and aesthetically pleasing. By completing this program, architects are supported in:

  • Identifying the most suitable, effective and efficient outdoor heaters for use in outdoor and semi-outdoor areas.
  • Designing a comprehensive heating plan for optimum usage of an outdoor area.
  • Understanding the essential legislation requirements for gas and electric outdoor heaters.

To enquire whether our CPD program is available to you, or to register your interest, please contact Bromic Support.

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Bromic’s designers are available work with you on developing your outdoor heating strategy and to advise your team throughout the entire project. Their experienced support covers:

  • Layout and Environment
  • Energy Types
  • Project Budget
  • Heater Selection
  • Installation

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