Tungsten Smart-Heat™ Gas

Durability meets power.The award-winning Tungsten Smart-Heat™ Gas heater series melds high-performance stainless-steel construction with strong, directional heating.Available in matte black, with two sizes and a wide array of ceiling and wall mounting options.

High-Performance Mesh Screen

Maximise performance and deliver a superior spread of heat with the unique honeycomb mesh screen.


Environmental Efficiency

Slow-release ceramic burners are supremely efficient and the most environmentally-friendly gas-fired heating method available.


Strong, Directional Heat

Deliver robust radiant heat where it’s needed, with easy pivot arm brackets providing directional control.


Patented Direct Ignition System

Instantaneous ignition, whenever you require it, without the need for a pilot light.


Set and forget

Simple and easy to use, with smart system compatibility and automated re-ignition.


Wireless Control Capabilities

Seamless remote heater control with our genuine wireless control accessories.


Ultra-Durable Design

Stainless steel construction for reliable heating performance and durability.


Wind Resistance

Innovative patented technology ensures reliable function in wind speeds up to 15km/h.


Versatile Mounting

A range of dedicated ceiling and wall mount options let you reclaim valuable floor space.

Bromic Heating Suspension Poles

Space units down to an effective height in higher-ceiling applications where wall-mounting may not be appropriate.



Bromic Heating Wireless Controller Independent ‘On/Off’ control of up to two electric or four gas heaters across two separate circuits within its 30m range.


Ensuring a reliable start and effective operation even in winds of up to 15km/h, Bromic’s patented Direct Ignition System is unique to our Smart-Heat™ Gas outdoor heater series.
Available in two sizes, the Tungsten Smart-Heat™ Gas series incorporates full-function electronic controls that allow remote operation; patented screen and ionisation probe technology that provides remarkable wind resistance, plus easy pivot arm brackets for greater positioning versatility and directional heat control.
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What Our Clients Say
The Tungsten Smart-Heat™ Electric range really offered the best-looking outdoor heaters out there, and the black finish fitted perfectly with our design aesthetic.
Nick Pinn – Aquitane Brasserie
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