Bromic Plumbing & Gas


Bromic’s Plumbing & Gas Division has been a core part of our business since 1978. 'Trusted by Trade' throughout Australia and New Zealand, all our catalogued products are warehoused and dispatched from our Sydney, Perth and Auckland facilities.

Bromic Plumbing & Gas - Trusted by Trade

Supplying Wholesale & Trade Market Leaders

Bromic supplies Wholesale and Trade Market leaders, distributing industry best brands, as well as our own extensive range of plumbing and gas products. With key patents and a focus on quality, Bromic Plumbing and Gas is the trade choice throughout the region.

Quality Assurance

Offering a complete catalogue of technical products, Bromic Plumbing & Gas employs industry leading quality assurance processes, ensuring our customers access products that meet their needs and comply with local and international standards.

Bromic Standards - RCM
Bromic Standards - Watermark
Bromic Standards - LEED
Bromic Standards - Intertek ETL
Bromic Standards - Australian Gas Association
Bromic Standards - Conform Europe

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